The ISPE D/A/CH Affiliate: Containment Manual"

The ISPE D/A/CH Affiliate: Containment Manual (English Translation) describes the essential elements that must be considered in the implementation of containment technologies and spans the entire lifecycle from the planning to the deployment and operation for both, retrofitting an existing facility or designing of a new pharmaceutical manufacturing suite or facility, right through to the decommissioning.
This Manual, created by the ISPE Germany/Austria/Switzerland (D/A/CH) Affiliate was created outside the normal process for ISPE Guidance Documents and did not go through a rigorous review to ensure alignment with other ISPE Guidance Documents and accuracy of content. However, ISPE believes the content has value to the industry and is, therefore, making the Manual available to its members and customers, translated into English but unchanged from the original German content.

Markus Rückert worked as a co-author in the development of this manual.

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